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Stolen V5C Registration Documents

Pink slip loans

DVLA is warning motorists to be on the lookout for stolen V5C vehicle registration certificates

DVLA is warning motorists to be on the lookout for stolen V5C vehicle registration certificates when buying a used vehicle.

Customers are advised not to purchase the vehicle but report the matter to the police if the serial number of the registration document falls within the following ranges:

  • BG9167501 to BG9190500
  • BG9190501 to BG9214000

(Previously publicised by DVLA in February and August 2007, respectively)

(Found to have been compromised in March 2008)

(Warning from DVLA announced 17 July 2008)

Buyer Beware

If a serial number is not present, looks to have been altered or tampered with, or the vehicle is accompanied by only a part of the registration document, customers are advised not to proceed.

Cloned vehicles

The stolen documents are being used by criminals to accompany stolen vehicles that have had their identity changed to match that of a legitimate vehicle. This practice is known as cloning. The cloned vehicles are being sold to unsuspecting members of the public who can suffer significant losses when the vehicles are found to be stolen. This activity is outside of DVLA’s control and the Agency becomes aware of these incidents only after the event, when the innocent victims of this crime submit the stolen documents.

Different colour

The stolen certificates have a different background colour on the Notification of Permanent Export (V5C/4) tear off slip on the second page, which looks mauve on the front and pink on the reverse. On legitimate documents they should be mauve on both sides.

Prospective purchasers are urged to check the serial number that appears at the top right hand corner of the registration certificate before purchasing a used vehicle.

AA Car Checking

An AA Car Data Check will help you buy a car with more confidence by checking against:

  • Any outstanding finance agreements
  • Whether the car has been written-off
  • Whether a car has a high risk of fraud or theft
  • Registration details, number of owners (keepers) and Vehicle indentification Number
  • Market valuation (if available)
  • Mileage Check

You can get an AA Car Data Check online or by telephone.

An AA Vehicle Inspection by one of our fully qualified Vehicle Inspection Engineers will give you a full vehicle safety check and road test for peace of mind before you buy.

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