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Edward westwick

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Check Who is this Hot English Actor-В Edward WestwickВ Girlfriend in year 2016? Jessica Szohr, Drew Barrymore or is itВ Leighton Meester? Know all the gossips and rumors andВ Edward Westwick Girlfriend Wiki Details!

Edward Westwick Girlfriend Leighton Meester, Drew Barrymore Wiki

Check Who is this Hot English Actor- Edward Westwick Girlfriend in year 2016? Jessica Szohr, Drew Barrymore or is itВ Leighton Meester? Know all the gossips and rumors andВ Edward Westwick Girlfriend Wiki Details!

Edward Westwick ,28, famous as ‘Chuck Bass’ of Gossip Girls is in news again!! This hot English actor, musician and model has been out of news for a while which of course his fans didn’t like but turns out he’s back on page 3 with the headlines he is most famous for!  Ed has been one most the most famous English stars in America.He has starred in the movies like ‘Breaking and Entering’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Last Flight’, etc. Poor Ed have had many heartbreaks in his love life. So before we reveal the name, let’s have a glance on some on his most popular relationships!

Edward Westwick Girlfriend Jessica Szohr Wiki Details- Break Up Reason

Ed’s most intriguing and discussed relationship was it Jessica Szohr, who was his co-star in Gossip Girls. She played the role of Venessa Abrahams. They both met on the sets and fell in love instantly. They started dating in 2009 and at  that time they were considered as the cutest couple among the celebrities. The couple was spotted at so many events together like US Open, beaches, parties and everywhere they went they didn’t hesitate in flaunting their love. He also shared an apartment in New York with Jessica for two years.But as it is said, the story was too good to be true. Ed soon found out that Jessica was cheating on him with his own friend as well as some more men.

This broke poor’s Ed’s heart and they both separated after dating each other for two years in May,2010. He also left the apartment he was sharing with her. Jessica tried to apologize, but Ed was so heartbroken that he didn’t give her a second chance. (*very brave Ed*)

Edward Westwick Girlfriend Drew Barrymore- Rumors and Break Up

Yes guys! This star has also had a fling with Drew.(*interesting*)В They both were spotted kissing in an Gossip Girl after party but they soon ended it as if it never started. She is 12 years older than him, maybe this was the reason.

Now I guess EdwardВ Westwick Girlfriend is Leighton Meester!

Ed Westwick and Leighton were an on-screen couple for six years but few people know that this couple has dated in real life too.В The couple was spotted several times showing affection towards each other but denied the news of dating each other in front of camera. We all know the truth Ed!В The couple soon called it off but continued to be on-screen couple as long as Ed was on the show.

Mr. EdwardВ Westwick Current Status is- Umm Doubtful!

Ed has been dating several girls on and off after then. He was spotted many times with several girls whom we didn’t know. Recently, he has been clicked with a mystery girl but got successful again in keeping it a secret. Although in an interview, he confirmed that he’s single and waiting for the perfect one, his ‘Blair’.


Edward westwick


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